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Sewing Contractor Solutions

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What We Do:

     Sewing Contractor Solutions has been in the business of sewing and selling textile products since 1984.  We started as textile mill reps selling and resourcing raw textiles.  This foundation allowed us to work with many companies that were using textiles in hundreds of applications. Over the years we have worked with companies like Pier One, Browning Arms, AeroPack USA, Jocob Medical, Fast Track Systems, and many more.  We draw from all of these experiences and apply our knowledge to your products.  

     Sewing Contractor Solutions is a company that can proudly say we are "American made".  Our low overhead and in house processes allow us to be very flexible, and competitive.  We are looking forward to working with you!

Interested In Our Services?

Sewing Contractor Solution specializes in industrial contract sewing, commercial contract sewing, and promotional contract sewing.



Contact Us Today
 (214) 678-0000

We are located in Texas, in the heart of the Dallas/ Ft Worth Metroplex which allows us to ship to both coast and both boarders of the U.S. with very competitive freight rates

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