Working With Us

Industrial sewing is our specialty.  We have developed the following procedure to quickly determine if your project matches well with our sewing factory.    

  • Evaluation Process- Drawing from our vast experience we can evaluate your project using solid samples/ drawings/ sketches/, etc. to determine that your sewn product is a good fit for our commercial sewing factory.

  • Projected Costing- After evaluating the product we can quickly determine an estimate of cost for your project in our cut and sew facility.

  • Prototype or pre-production samples:

       If you are sourcing a finished item and need pricing, then we can quickly determine the cut and sew        cost without charging a fee.  (A solid sample will be required.)  

       Only a concept?  

       Creating a commercially viable product from scratch is a time-consuming process and has a                      cost associated with it.   The product development fee is based on the complexity of your product.

       Be assured that if we are a good fit for your project then we will dedicate our commercial sewing              facility to getting your project perfected quickly.

  • Pre-Production-  

       We will work closely with you to determine your needs and the best most efficient way to supply  


  • Order Scheduling-

       We are sticklers for meeting schedules and will maintain constant communication with you during          the manufacturing process to ensure we meet the schedule.

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  • Die cutting

  • Stack Cutting

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