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Sewing Contractor Solutions is your domestic direct source for contract sewing and assembly. Our target client  is an established company with an established budget for a quality commercial sewing company located in the USA.  

As a premier cut and sew manufacturer we produce Custom Bag Manufacturing including, custom product cases, personolized convention tote bags, gun cases, duffle bags, beech bags, and many more.  We also specialize in lage format sewning products like industrial equipment covers, thermal pallet covers, non-insulated pallet covers, power sport equipment covers for ATV covers, jet ski covers, golf cart covers and motorcycle covers, and patio furniture covers, and many more custom covers. industrial webbing strap production, welding aprons, restaurant aprons.  We cut and sew wholsale pillow inserts and our pillow production line produces thousands of pillow forms monthly.  We supply wholesale pillow inserts to distributors and provide blow filling services for there imported pillows.

If your company has:

  • Out grown your facility and need additional commercial cut and sew capacity without incurring large capital out-lay then we are your comercial sewing company.

  • Bringing production back to the USA from off shore suppliers to reduce inventory cost and increase inventory turn then we are your commercial sewing company.

  • Need a custom sewn component made for product then SCS is your industrial sewing contractor. 


 While we do have minimums we welcome both large and small orders, which set us apart from most industrial sewing manufacturers.  Please find a list of processes that we can perform:

  1. Light , Medium, and Heavy guage sewing.  We have not found a material yet that we can not sew.   From heavy 40 oz. vinyls and multi layers of industrial fabrics and leathers to light weight taffeta linning and non woven materials and everything in between.  

  2. Complete pillow manufacturing line from sewing inner and outter pillow forms and pillow covers to blow filling fiber we cut and sew all pillow manufacturing in our facility.

  3. Computerize strap cutting, strap manufacturing, and strap assembly.

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Blow Filling Machine


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Sewing Manufacturing

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